Making a Difference: Considering Starting a Non-Profit in Memphis
Non Profits | May 31, 2023
We encourage you to explore opportunities to support existing non-profits on the NewsSTAND, where you can discover inspiring stories, initiatives, and ways to make a difference.

Many individuals with a passion for their community contemplate starting a non-profit organization as a means to make a positive impact. However, it's essential to recognize that Memphis and Shelby County already have a thriving non-profit sector, with over 4,000 local organizations addressing various needs. At JustMyMemphis, we encourage you to explore opportunities to support existing non-profits on the NewsSTAND, where you can discover inspiring stories, initiatives, and ways to make a difference. In this article, we'll explore the question of whether you should start a non-profit in Memphis or consider helping a current organization, highlighting the benefits and considerations involved.

1. Assess the Need:
Before starting a new non-profit, it's crucial to assess the need for your intended cause or services. Research existing non-profit organizations in Memphis that are already addressing similar or related issues. Determine if there is a gap in services or an unmet need that justifies the creation of a new organization.

2. Collaborate and Partner:
Consider collaborating or partnering with existing non-profit organizations that align with your mission and vision. By joining forces, you can combine resources, expertise, and networks to amplify your impact. Building partnerships with established non-profits allows you to leverage their infrastructure and community connections, maximizing the effectiveness of your efforts.

3. Utilize Existing Resources:
Starting a new non-profit requires significant time, effort, and resources. By supporting existing organizations, you can utilize their infrastructure, knowledge, and experience, saving you from reinventing the wheel. Existing non-profits have established systems, fundraising strategies, and community relationships that can help accelerate your efforts.

4. Evaluate Sustainability:
Consider the long-term sustainability of your non-profit endeavor. Starting and managing a non-profit organization requires ongoing dedication, financial stability, and effective governance. Assess your capacity to commit the necessary time, energy, and resources to ensure the sustained impact of your work.

5. Volunteer and Learn:
Volunteering with local non-profits allows you to gain firsthand experience and insights into their operations and challenges. By volunteering, you can learn more about the non-profit sector, its dynamics, and the specific needs of your community. This experience can help you make an informed decision about starting a new non-profit or supporting an existing one.

6. Research Funding Opportunities:
Consider the availability of funding for your cause or program. Research grant opportunities, donor support, and fundraising prospects specific to your area of interest. Collaborating with existing non-profits might provide better access to funding opportunities and donor networks, increasing your chances of success.

7. Make an Informed Decision:
Based on your assessments, research, and personal capacity, make an informed decision about whether to start a non-profit or support existing organizations. Consider the potential impact, scalability, and sustainability of your efforts in both scenarios. Supporting established non-profits can offer immediate and meaningful ways to contribute to your community.

Deciding whether to start a non-profit in Memphis requires careful consideration and assessment of existing organizations and community needs. By exploring the opportunities to support current non-profits on the NewsSTAND, you can make a difference right away. Collaborating, partnering, utilizing existing resources, volunteering, evaluating sustainability, researching funding opportunities, and making an informed decision will help guide your path to impactful community involvement. Join JustMyMemphis on the NewsSTAND to discover more ways to support local non-profits, explore inspiring stories, and find opportunities to contribute. Together, let's make a lasting difference in our community by supporting existing organizations and initiatives.