Help LOCALS Thrive!

We started the NewsSTAND to promote the positive things going on in the community.  Then we wanted to help LOCAL Business Owners and Non-Profits. Next, we thought we wanted to have a truly LOCAL voice so we decided to promote LOCAL Photographers, Videographers, Creative Writers, Podcasters, and Radio Shows. Then one day we woke up, not together. We just woke up. Duy in his room and me in mine. Not that anything is wrong with waking up together, just not our thing. Wait, I am getting sidetracked here.

We woke up one morning and realized we had created the thing we had always wanted to build. A platform that gave everyone a voice. A place to help LOCALS do more, be more, and live more; all while helping each other #BeAmazing. We call it the Digital NewsSTAND!

Let’s #BeAmazing Together!