Never Give Up On Love
Love Big Live Big | February 14, 2021
Death, divorce, and failed relationships are extremely difficult to recover from, and it’s understandable why so many people are tempted to give up on the possibility of finding happiness again.

But I’ve experienced the power of finding my forever love and trust me, the person you are meant to be with is out there. Contrary to romance novels or fairy tales, you can find love throughout all stages of your life. Listed below are my top four reasons why you shouldn’t give up on love, as well as a few strategies to position you for success.

Reason #1: Situations Can Change Quickly
Things happen when you least expect it sounds so cliche, but where love is concerned it really is true! 

There is no secret formula for recovering from bad romances, broken hearts, or betrayal but taking steps every day to heal will set you up for love going forward. When you are in the right place emotionally, you let your walls down and allow yourself to be vulnerable which makes it easier to get close to someone. Connections will deepen organically and before you know it, you’ll have established the foundation for a lasting relationship. Things can shift in an instant, so hang in there.

Reason #2: You Haven’t Focused on Loving Yourself
A lot of times people give up on love because their sense of self-worth isn’t where it should be, causing them to feel unworthy of being loved. 
Take steps to rewire your mind in a way that will support a healthy love life. You do this by focusing on loving yourself wholeheartedly to ensure you’re emotionally available. If that means seeing a therapist, going to the spa, or reading self-affirmation flashcards, do it. Implement whatever it takes to get you to a place where your self-esteem is unbreakable. When it comes to your health and happiness, you are always worth it!
Reason #3: You’re Allowing Fear to Get in the Way
If you decide to give love another chance, you must give it your all. Meeting someone you like but freezing up and fleeing out of fear wastes the time of all parties involved. Love is a scary thing, but you should never give up on love because of fear. The scariest things in life can also be the most fulfilling. Life is unpredictable and fragile. Take the proper steps to recover after a breakup, then pursue love with passion and vigor. Don’t miss out on something great because you’re scared.

Reason #4: You Haven’t Broadened Your Search
Are you giving up on love because of superficial reasons? If so, consider reevaluating your criteria. 
So many singles who want to find their lifelong partners are hung up on physical characteristics instead of assessing one’s morals. Stepping outside your comfort zone opens you up to new experiences and will ultimately help you grow as a person. Try not to make the decision to give up on love because you can't find the person who meets your physical expectations. Instead, focus on the standards that matter to you most (beliefs, principles, values). You’d be surprised to know how many wonderful, loving people there are out there. The person of your dreams could be right under your nose.

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