Rizzos Diner is closing for a few days!

Rizzos Diner is closing for a few days!


Why? Safety First!


Hello Friends,

We will be closing for a few days. Why are we closing you ask? Over the last 24 hours a employee called out sick feeling like they had some covid-19 symptons. His concern for his safety and the restaurants is just what we have been talking about since we opened back up. It is important to be a "circle of trust". Especially in this Covid Environment we are currently in. This morning he has gone to get tested.

As a precautionary measure we will be closing over the next couple or few days until this employee gets their test results back.

We always want to do the right thing. We have taken all the necessary precautions, to keep our staff and the dining public safe when they enter this establishment. As they say you can never be to safe. With this being said we hope to get back to feeding you all very soon.

I will be posting again as soon as we know more. Love you Memphis. Stay strong, stay safe.

Yours Truly

Chef Michael Patrick