Helping LOCALS: Sitting down with Kalena Bovell
Local & National News | June 22, 2020
Kalena Bovell is the assistant conductor at Memphis Symphony Orchestra, we sit-down to talk with her about Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, and her personal story.

Tethered Voices by Kalena Bovell, assistant conductor of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra

I'm tired of having to be brave
while walking in black skin
Tired of the anxiety I feel
every time my brother
leaves the house
Tired of code switching
and changing the tone
of my voice
to make them feel comfortable
sacrificing a sense of myself
in the process
Tired of being followed
in department stores
Of being told
that X is too expensive
and therefore I can't afford it
Tired of the senseless killings
of our young black men and women
from all the tears
of feeling hopeless
that many years later
We are still judged
by the color of our skin
Rather than the content
of our character
Of. Not. Being. Seen.


The MSO offers support and solidarity with equality and racial justice. #BlackLivesMatter Seven Last Words of the Unarmed by Joel Thompson

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