Memorial Day 2023: Jennifer J Hayes on Vimeo

"In this special Memorial Day tribute, we spotlight Jennifer J Hayes, a valued member of our local community. Join us as Jennifer shares her personal reflections…

Memorial Day 2023: Jennifer J Hayes on Vimeo
Faith & Inspiration | May 29, 2023
by: JustMyMemphis
"In this special Memorial Day tribute, we spotlight Jennifer J Hayes, a valued member of our local community. Join us as Jennifer shares her personal reflections…

About Jennifer J Hayes: A Certified Matchmaker Guiding the Journey to Love

Jennifer J Hayes is a powerhouse in the world of relationships and dating. As a certified professional matchmaker, dating coach, and relationship practitioner, she has spent over 25 years guiding men and women on their path to finding love. Jennifer believes that the journey to a lasting relationship is not just about meeting new people, but more importantly about being emotionally and mentally prepared for love.

With her extensive experience and insightful approach, Jennifer empowers her clients to break free from the barriers that often hinder the formation of meaningful and lasting relationships. She zeroes in on the challenges that tend to sabotage intimate relationships and transforms these obstacles during her coaching sessions. This focus on mental and emotional readiness sets her apart in the field and paves the way for successful partnerships.

Currently serving as a Certified Matchmaker & Licensed Relationship & Dating Practitioner at South Carolina Matchmakers, Jennifer uses her expertise to match individuals based not only on physical attributes or shared interests, but on a deeper level of compatibility and mutual respect.

In addition to her matchmaking career, Jennifer is an accomplished author, imparting her wisdom and advice to a broader audience. Her commitment to helping others navigate the complexities of relationships extends to her role as a Relationship Advice Columnist at JustMy.Com, where she shares insightful tips and guidance to readers.

Jennifer also demonstrates her compassion and dedication to helping others as a Crisis Intervention Specialist at Crisis Text Line, further emphasizing her commitment to emotional well-being and mental health.

A graduate of the University of Houston and an alumna of Victor Valley High School, Jennifer's education has laid the groundwork for her impactful career. She continues to influence and inspire those on their journey to finding and maintaining love.

Visit Jennifer's website at to learn more about her services, insights, and how she can guide you on your path to love. Through her expertise and dedication, Jennifer J Hayes is truly shaping the landscape of modern dating and relationships.


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