All of Us Research Program - Memphis 2023
Local & National News | May 20, 2023
by: The #FunCrew of JustMy!
The Memphis Public Library recently played host to the All of Us Research Program, offering an exceptional opportunity for the local community to participate in…

All of Us Research Program: Charting a New Course in Health Research

The Memphis Public Library recently played host to the All of Us Research Program, offering an exceptional opportunity for the local community to participate in a groundbreaking health initiative. This endeavor forms part of the National Institutes of Health's strategy to redefine the way health research is conducted. For three days, Memphis residents not only learned about the program but also had the chance to contribute blood samples for scientific research and DNA study. A number of prominent figures, such as JustMyMemphis CEO and Interim President JR Robinson, stepped forward to learn more about the project, their health, and the mysteries within their DNA.

All of Us: A Pioneering Approach to Health Research

The All of Us Research Program seeks to build one of the world's largest and most diverse health databases. The goal is to facilitate scientists in understanding why individuals fall ill or maintain health, recognizing the uniqueness in each of us. By collating and analyzing this data, researchers can develop innovative methods to prevent and treat diseases, leading to more comprehensive care for everyone.

Presently, health care systems often follow a one-size-fits-all model. All of Us envisions a future where health care is custom-made for each individual. This vision can become a reality by creating a resource that enables researchers to conduct a multitude of studies on health and disease. The program, designed to span a minimum of 10 years, aims to foster long-term partnerships with participants.

The Benefits of Participation

Participation in the All of Us Research Program offers several benefits. Firstly, participants have the option to access information about their own DNA. For many, receiving DNA results is an exciting aspect of the program. Upon providing a blood or saliva sample and consenting to receive DNA results, participants can learn about their genetic ancestry and traits, potential risk of hereditary diseases, and how their bodies might respond to certain medications.

Additionally, participants who are asked to provide physical measurements or samples at an All of Us partner center will receive a one-time compensation of $25. This could be in the form of cash, a gift card, or an electronic voucher.

The program also provides an opportunity for participants to contribute to other research. With their consent, All of Us will notify participants about other studies, giving them the choice to be part of additional research efforts.

Importantly, joining All of Us means contributing to a monumental endeavor. It allows participants to play an active role in shaping the future of health research and potentially improving the health of future generations.

Over the course of the 10-year program, the All of Us team anticipates adding more benefits as a token of appreciation for the continued commitment of participants.

For more information or to become a part of this transformative health movement, visit the All of Us website at By participating, we have a chance to give a gift of invaluable importance to our children and community – the gift of better health.