They Call Me Coach Mac | Great Performer Series

Non Profits | October 07, 2022

They Call Me Coach Mac | Great Performer Series
Non Profits | October 07, 2022
We kick-off the 2023 Great Performer Series with a special 3-Part look into the life of Mckrell Baier, better known as Coach Mac

BridgeUP:GIDDYUP provides children with a unique track to personal development through the medium of horseback riding. It is a free program for those that are accepted, and is available to 48 students in the Whitehaven community (located in Memphis Tennessee) between the ages of 11-18. Accepted students will receive 2 horseback riding lessons per week, transportation to the Southern Blues Equestrian Center, as well as two meals per week, and Saturday Activities including physical fitness and fun. Not only is horseback riding a fun sport and great exercise, but horseback riding can often help children to become more confident, responsible, empathetic, and goal-oriented. And the best part about the program: students who demonstrate exceptional work ethic, commitment, and talent may have the potential to compete in equestrian sports all free of charge.

Duncan Williams Asset Management Great Performer Series

Most people call her Coach Mac, her name is Mckrell Baier and she is very passionate about the problems being solved by this amazing program. The team here at DWAM felt that Mckrell would be a great person to be spotlighted in the premier of the 2023 Season of the Great Performer Series.

2023 Premier Part 2 | A Program To Change Lives

The equestrian world has more recently come under fire due to increased mainstream media coverage surrounding stories of inequity within the industry. These issues have always been preset, but due to the insular and elite nature of the sport, it has never garnered much attention. When there are huge price tags on competition horses (six figures being commonplace for elite-level sport horses) and competition fees easily reach into the four figures for a single horse show weekend, a culture of wealth and privilege is created, excluding the vast majority.

There are many reasons why equestrianism is particularly special and unique in nature. It is the only Olympic sport in which men and women compete on equal ground. Horses in sports are an unmatched link to the natural world and while achieving excellence in sports is exciting and compelling, even more, important is solving the issues we inevitably face in reaching those lofty goals, such as ethical training and quality of life for both the horse and human athletes involved. Equestrian sport participants and spectators alike have a lot to gain from horse sports remaining relevant today and being preserved for the future.

2023 Premier Part 3 | The Audacity To Build


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