How to Update your Profile
May 27, 2020
Need to make some changes to your #BeAmazing Profile? Here's how!

Check out the Settings!

Update your info in the accordions here!

Profile Info!

Things like basic contact info, address, tagline... well you can read put your info in so people can connect with you.


Tell others what you are about in this text section! Make it as long or as short as you want.


We've got them, almost all of them. Input your links so everyone knows which platforms you are on.

The Banner Ad

This will rotate around justmy next to content you share and in our channels to get your message out. It will come with three Calls-To-Action so put links to whatever you want to promote. Donate links, events, ANYTHING!

Brand Video!

Paste a vimeo or youtube link to be your brand video for your organization.

Choose your Channel

Where should content you post or share show up? Choose a channel, if we think it needs to be in any of our other channels we will add them for you. Pick the one that is most relevant so the public finds your content in the right place.

Choose your Categories!

We want to organize your profile into the correct category when people are looking for you. After choosing a primary category you can pick up to three more detailed categories.

Your QR Code and Link

Share this so people can see your profile!

Profile Admins

Manage users that can help take care of your profile. Add them via email, make sure they've signed up. Then you can give them certain powers and keep the train moving.

MyCard Style Settings

This is your profile's digital business card. Change the style elements to make it yours!

MyCard Image Settings

Change out default images for MyCard if you wish!

MyCard Tabs

Adding these will add them to MyCard and allow more content to be seen when you business card is viewed or shared.

MyCard Content

Pick which pieces of content you've shared to show up on your business card and all of your team member's cards!

MyCard Team

Add team members so they can have their own business cards to share when they are out and about.


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