A Message to Memphis
by Jimmie Williams

Faith & Inspiration | September 24, 2019

It's a good minute since I last wrote one of these but I believe it's time to renew because and to just say straight up what needs to be said and to give those in my race and it particularly my generation some real intense harsh and brutal tough love.
by Jimmie Williams

As a Memphian, Native Memphian, and as a Young Memphian I'm Ashamed...

Embarrassed, disappointed, and disgusted by the way of some of our leaders our great city who have decided to respond to the situation that happened June 12, 2019.

On Wednesday June 9th 2019 at 7 p.m. Brandon Webber a 20 year old Memphian who was wanted out of Mississippi for attempted murder and carjacking for shooting a man five times over a car he was selling online. The man survived but when the Marshals found out his identity and they found them they requested him to surrender he brushed a gun and the Marshal shot in 20 times killing him. Almost immediately after this happened Memphis police were ready to keep crowd control and traffic to a minimum however as many of you know it'll say like Memphis and in other situations across this country Whenever there is the situation of a young male black male in particular killed quote on quote unjustly by law enforcement first thing people do is get their phones out and in a way of capturing the law enforcement offices spaces and in some ways provoking them into proving their point that law enforcement officers are nothing more than an out-of-control angry Savages which is completely not the case and far from the truth.

One way or another, he was going to be someone's Target or someone was going to be his Target

What we saw last night here in Memphis was nothing short of Shameless self-centeredness self-pity and nothing short of worthless and disgusting. People in my generation coming out into the streets throwing rocks and bottles at police officers for doing that job and trying to keep the peace attacking journalist for reporting the news and just trying to cover what is really going on here and of course calling for the harms of law enforcement officers and their families. Which is not the first time that this has happened in Memphis nor nationally in fact is an epidemic and in my mind and I sit is considered to be an act of domestic terrorism. What we witnessed last night is this was no ordinary spur-of-the-moment issue this was a clear riot and an assault on our sense of democracy in our city not to mention our country. Not to mention this is also another example of rush to conclusions and public crucifixions and in some ways mass lynchings of law enforcement through social media. We've also known this is how almost immediately after having people were coming up saying he was a good kid let's be real here no good kid would point a gun at law enforcement to get killed no good kid would rob someone and try to take their own life over something as materialistic as a car and no good kid would go on social media bragging about the drug game and pointing guns and pictures just to show how big and tough he is That's not a good kid that's a menace to society who in One Way or Another was going to be someone's Target or someone was going to be his Target. As sad as it maybe for me to say this but it needs to be said he left this world the same way he came in both Stand Out tough and bold he is but not strong enough a bold enough to realize that there's so much more he can do for this world if you start to think for himself and not continue to go with The Fray.

Anytime you hear about the shootings there's always the narrative from people that know him or from people that live in that area that he was a good kid. When in reality if you check your social media page and if you all people behind the scenes what type of person was, he really tells you straight up he was a type of person who never wanted to take responsibility for his own actions and he was never the type of person that really never took life seriously until then. It's amazing how so many people claim that this guy was a good person only when he's taking his last breath and getting ready to go meet Jesus but in reality most of them probably didn't want nothing to do with him except just to be pictures and boost about how cool he is. Around 9 that evening Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer had arrived and saw the whole situation from police cars being destroyed officers being injured journalist being attacked and injured and yet the next day she said there was no Riot and if you say it's a riot it's a racially insensitive term. I got news for you baby girl it was a riot it was embarrassing it was a debauchery and if you are black and you're saying that this was a peaceful protest you are not doing the black community any favors except enabling the behavior and telling the Next Generation we expect for you to do this or worse. Keep in mind this is a woman who's running for mayor who's only been politics for 10 months the traditional opportunist who seeks the perfect opportunity just to get vote and who's saying she's doing something good for the community when in reality she doesn't even know these people and wants nothing to do with them until it's voting time.

When it comes to Ms. Sawyer and those who defend this type of behavior and from those who are SJWs that surrounds them no one from the black community have spoken out against her and others like her have said and their attitudes for this type of ratchetness. So I'm going to explain from a black prospective why black Memphians ain't speaking out against her and others like her and how it would affect them. When it comes to Tami Sawyer and people who are like her why they think at what happened last night was not a riot or nothing majorly wrong is because of the racial angle. And what I mean by that is for a long time in the eyes of black people they feel like they have been neglected by dolls in the white establishment in the city and in this country. When in reality they put themselves in this situation for decades and in some cases generations to wear it would be almost impossible for someone who does want to leave that situation of economic Despair and depravity to leave. A lot of it also has to deal with the fact that many people want change but they're not really ready to accept change especially if there's the potential increase of gentrification. Especially for my economical and cultural shift which could benefit the area in a major way but at the same time it would make those in the area make that area much less desirable for them to live in and more desirable for those that can't afford to live in. Another question is why has a lot of black residents in our great city continue to stand by people like her or others like this every time, something like this happens especially in 2016 when protesters ran on the bridge stop in both lanes of traffic and for damn sure in politics and someone as well known that her for making comments that may be seen idiotic say that using the word riot is a term as racial insensitive we tend to sugarcoat it and move on. But when it's whites or other races who say what she said it becomes national news.

In the black community we have become the race of hypocrisy, the most self-centeredness, the most sensitive race, the most insecure race and double standard when it comes to a lot of things especially race and definitely racism from our own race. However, if a black person called her and others out for support this behavior then that person would face 2 things: the fear factor and facing the four Rs Retaliation, Rebellion, Repercussions, and Ridicule from the black community which is known as "The Predator and the Prey Contents." The person that calls out the wrong is "the Prey" and the person that is criticizing is "The Predator." The Predator and The Prey always takes place within the same race. We have seen it recently with Andrew Clarksenior being criticized by the Rev LaSimba Grey for talking about the blight in Memphis. Les Smith has also been a victim of "Predator and the Prey" and countless others. However, if a white person called out anyone that's of course the behavior of last night and those people verbally attacks that person then that is the "Offense and Defense Contents." Joe Birch when he interviewed Dr. Herenton, Same as Camron Harper, Darrell Greene when he interviewed Henri Brooks, and countless others have been the victims of "The Offense and Defense Contents." The main reason that no one in the black community doesn't want to speak out against what happened last night or about what Tami Sawyer and others like her have said is because of fear and what could happen if they do speak out. Whether verbal or physical attacks from her or her supporters or those who think the Marshalls should be criminal charged with murder. Tami Sawyer has become her own worst enemy, and she doesn't even know it. Not to mention the fact that she's a Separatist, Narcissist, and Antagonist and has the "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN" Mentality. Just like Henri Brooks.

I spoke about it a few years ago when Henri Brooks had her episode my before Ferguson and all that other mess went down, and from many and some blacks they didn't agree with what I said, some thought that what I was saying was ridiculous, my response to them was this, " The fact of the matter is that you and her supporters are so far gone in complete support of this racist that you don't even see her true colors. And its honesty from me are you kidding me. This is the truth about this woman period. The fact that people including miss Sawyer who is so like the millennial version of Brooks to a moderate extent is pretty interesting. She would rather coddle the rioters and tell the media that this was not a riot. Then to say you know what happened last night was unacceptable it should have never happen this was a riot and an attack on our law enforcement. But I guarantee you she won't she's only doing this just to get votes for October she is a political opportunity and in the eyes are progressive Millennials in this County she is seen as the future of Shelby County socialism in my honest believe. We definitely need to start holding our elected officials and candidates accountable. That will transcend into the public. At the end of the day, we need to continue to support them but let this be a learning lesson for us. And, we also at time need to hear both sides of the political coin to say the least LOL. NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT THIS WOMAN LIED ABOUT WHERE SHE LIVED NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, BUT THREE TIMES. She's a Separatist, Narcissist, and Antagonist and has the "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN" Mentality. PERIOD!!!!

The media has also got to take some form of ownership into this. Now they will not be responsible for happened to the boy brought that on himself. And the attacks on them, the protesters, pretty much wanted to be there more because they would be ease your targets them law enforcement. Whenever there's a situation that is highly intense they are not going to go after the police because it's easier for them to provoke them into something then it is for them to respond when they have nothing. So what do they go after the people with the cam is doing the jobs and just let them have any meetings there are whether they are male or female they're easy targets to go after.

It's funny how we in the black race always say that we don't tolerate racism, we don't believe in racism, and we don't be support racism. But yet, WE PRACTICE IT, PREACH IT, AND DAMN SURE PROMOTE RACISM both outside of our race and definitely inside of our race. We claim that we don't tolerate racism and support and believe in the racist ideology "We don't practice what we preach, and if we don't practice what we preach then we don't mean what the HELL we teach" In other words, we are not leading, showing, and teaching by example to the next generation and the next generation will do the exact same thing if the cycle of teaching racism doesn't stop. I haven't old saying those that came that they are the most tolerant are really the most intolerant and those that we claim that on the most intolerant are really the most tolerant.

Brandon Webber supporters don't want to know about all that has happened because they have the "I DON'T GIVE A DAMN" Mentality just like him and they believe that he's just innocent guy that was killed on just leave by the police. When everyone that that looks like him to a certain extent knows and their heart that he bought this on himself. It's a shame that he lost his life a 20 year old and it's a shame that three kids one who was born the he was killed won't get a chance to know that father but you know what and I honestly hate to say this but he died doing what he loved. Anyone that enable his behavior and anyone that supported behavior especially firing on law enforcement and don't want to see his true colors then they realize within themselves that they are becoming who they hated meaning they are becoming their own worst enemies.

We always say Black Lives Matter and no justice no peace and all that other blase whenever something like this goes down once in a full moon. But we never want to protest and get all up in arms when someone that looks like you and someone that looks like me takes a gun and shoots someone over Petty mess like for example money cars women. We don't want to get up in arms when a young child is sexually assaulted or rape by someone that looks like them or somebody else. But we love to go after someone who doesn't look like us or who wears the uniform of law enforcement we all love to go get all up in arms and protects them and even calling for their heads on a silver platter and for the deaths and assaults of their spouses and children. It amazes me to this day that we can get 10 to 15,000 people to block traffic on a bridge but we can't get 200 people to a stop the violence rally. It doesn't matter to them a black life taken by another black life is almost irrelevant and almost seen as invisible in the black community. Because who else is invisible in the BC more than another black person who takes the life of another black person. But if you take the life of a black person and you don't look like the people in the community then you're an easier Target to go after. We always say black lives matter but the question that black people have never asked themselves is do black lives matter to black people. If they sit back and think silently for one minute without saying nothing I guarantee you, their silence speaks volumes if they can't respond to it. Every time something like this happens it's a temporary escape from their reality a reality in which they know the threat of those who look like them are bigger than those who are protecting and serving them however those that are law enforcement or those that are of a different race mainly White will have to face intense criticism scrutiny and some cases a price on their head which we have seen in recent years.

The value of black life is almost non-existent because of the years of self-degradation, self mass extermination and even self expulsion when it comes to the idea of black life in the United States. Not to mention it sends a clear message to those who are of the mainstream in the public even black Americans who want nothing to do with it that it's better for them to figure it out on their own and said disrupting the rest of mainstream America into feeling sorry for these people who complain about life not being fair and who have dug themselves into a deeper hole because they don't want to ask the question of how do I get myself out of this mess especially if I was born into it. And the sad part about it is many of those who say black lives matter and those social justice activist groups do not want to ask the question of why do we do this to each other.

So my question is Where Is Your Self-dignity, Where's Your Self-respect, Where The Hell Is Your Damn Self-Worth and the sad part about it is they don't even know how to get themselves out I have become so used to this way of life the day don't even think about life getting better but only getting worse. And if anyone brings any type of change into their way of life for the better, it is seen as a negative. I tell my friends who don't look like me this all the time and even repeatedly you cannot enable this Behavior because if you do you're only saying to them you can push me around and get away with it because if I fight back or tell the truth about you, you can easily use the racial history in this country as a way of getting over Leverage to make your life even more miserable than mine economically culturally socially and financially.

A little tough love will not hurt anyone it will make them think and ask for themselves if someone like me said some things that are truthful and brutal it will cause the whole world that they've believed in four years to collapse but it will make them think. However, if someone that doesn't look like me said the stuff that I said it will be seen as racially insensitive and as I always say it goes in one ear and goes out the other plain and simple. And finally the more attention that the media social media and politicians give these people the more we are basically enabling future rounds of domestic terrorism and threats of harm against all law enforcement and general public not to mention the indoctrination stops saying one life has more value than the other life when in reality all lines have value but if that one life doesn't show value in it that's when the superiority complex kicks in in that life that feels like it has no value in the eyes of society. And what we are saying from the black community in situations like this is a superiority complex when they're feeling down in the inferiority complex with a fueling up and when the both are combinated simultaneously it can lead to a dangerous combustion which we have seen in multiple cities in multiple States over the last six to seven years.

We always talk about race relations between blacks and whites, the black community(BC) and law enforcement but yet we as black people never talk about race relations within our own race because whether black people wanna hear it or not we are a race that is racially divided on all levels, and all characteristics. You always say that the police are hurting the BC but you don't want to say why you call the police when someone breaks into your house and assaults but yet when someone else call the police the first thing you do is pull out your phone camera to see if they're going to do something wrong you're two faced you don't want to admit it. Instead of saying that the police are going to kill you which is basically building problems why don't you encourage them to become part of the solution at the change law enforcement from within for the better. And while you're out and about when you see a police officer tell them thank you for your service and thank you for what you doing for who you are as people I can guarantee you that no matter what they're going to that will make your day a lot better and maybe do a serve a cop in your house you know and invite them to your house and give them a nice cook meal people do it all the time and they're communities I know y'all can So before we call for others to respecting us or respect our backyard we got your own house in the first. Because our own backyard is in real horrible shape from the fence, to the dirt. And, it's not joke. We need to do better or we are continuing to fall far being the surface and even worse that could lead our race as a whole to self destruction or even full mass extermination of an entire race of people. My race. Wake up Black People

Thank You and Sincerely,

Jimmie C. Williams, Jr.

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