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One way or another, he was going to be someone's Target or someone was going to be his Target

What we saw last night here in Memphis was nothing short of Shameless self-centeredness self-pity and nothing short of worthless and disgusting. People in my generation coming out into the streets throwing rocks and bottles at police officers for doing that job and trying to keep the peace attacking journalist for reporting the news and just trying to cover what is really going on here and of course calling for the harms of law enforcement officers and their families. Which is not the first time that this has happened in Memphis nor nationally in fact is an epidemic and in my mind and I sit is considered to be an act of domestic terrorism. What we witnessed last night is this was no ordinary spur-of-the-moment issue this was a clear riot and an assault on our sense of democracy in our city not to mention our country. Not to mention this is also another example of rush to conclusions and public crucifixions and in some ways mass lynchings of law enforcement through social media. We've also known this is how almost immediately after having people were coming up saying he was a good kid let's be real here no good kid would point a gun at law enforcement to get killed no good kid would rob someone and try to take their own life over something as materialistic as a car and no good kid would go on social media bragging about the drug game and pointing guns and pictures just to show how big and tough he is That's not a good kid that's a menace to society who in One Way or Another was going to be someone's Target or someone was going to be his Target. As sad as it maybe for me to say this but it needs to be said he left this world the same way he came in both Stand Out tough and bold he is but not strong enough a bold enough to realize that there's so much more he can do for this world if you start to think for himself and not continue to go with The Fray.

Anytime you hear about the shootings there's always the narrative from people that know him or from people that live in that area that he was a good kid. When in reality if you check your social media page and if you all people behind the scenes what type of person was, he really tells you straight up he was a type of person who never wanted to take responsibility for his own actions and he was never the type of person that really never took life seriously until then. It's amazing how so many people claim that this guy was a good person only when he's taking his last breath and getting ready to go meet Jesus but in reality most of them probably didn't want nothing to do with him except just to be pictures and boost about how cool he is. Around 9 that evening Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer had arrived and saw the whole situation from police cars being destroyed officers being injured journalist being attacked and injured and yet the next day she said there was no Riot and if you say it's a riot it's a racially insensitive term. I got news for you baby girl it was a riot it was embarrassing it was a debauchery and if you are black and you're saying that this was a peaceful protest you are not doing the black community any favors except enabling the behavior and telling the Next Generation we expect for you to do this or worse. Keep in mind this is a woman who's running for mayor who's only been politics for 10 months the traditional opportunist who seeks the perfect opportunity just to get vote and who's saying she's doing something good for the community when in reality she doesn't even know these people and wants nothing to do with them until it's voting time.