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Covid-19 is closing doors, we don't want yours to close!

JustMy has helped create compelling content for nonprofits across the country. Like the above feature for Hope House Memphis.

Now more than ever, nonprofits need to show the impact they are having on the community. Our communities are very aware now how fragile "Normal Life" can be. Families are focused on the basic needs, getting back to work, and protecting what they have. We are aware that this will cause cuts in donations, expenses, and overall spending. JustMy wants to help you create #BeAmazing content and get it shared to a larger audience. This is how MyProfile will help you move forward and thrive in this new chapter of Normal Life!

The Benefits of MYProfile for Non Profits

Content Sharing

Making sure the community knows your story is a great way to keep your cause supported. JustMy allows you to either publish content on our platform in your non profit profile or use shared links to post things from the web. Donors can follow your content to get updates on what has been going on. You should also create content based on those you serve. This empowers individuals to share your message to their audience! Great Content is the key to engagement, JustMy is your DOT on the internet!

Content Ideas:

  • Events
  • Programs and Benefits
  • Community Coverage
  • Awards and Accomplishments
  • News Articles

Video Sharing & Support

Videos, just make more of them. JustMy wants to help your cause create more video content. It starts with you having a YouTube or Vimeo Channel. You will be able to share these videos on your Non Profit Profile on JustMy as well. JustMy will provide Branding Support and a video editor so that great branded video content can be created from a mobile device plus getting it shared beyond your social circles. Videos on your profile is also a great way of informing the community about the #BeAmazing you have going on!

Video Ideas:

  • How Volunteers Help
  • Facility Tours
  • Recent Event Recaps
  • Galas
  • Food Drives
  • New Team Members

Communication Tools

Communication is vital to making sure the benefits from your programs and mission are getting to those that need it. There are so many choices on where to deliver your message nowadays and you kinda have to be everywhere. JustMy is working on ways to help simplify this process. So we are taking your online content and pulling it together to create a simple all-in-one TOOLBox to help your team better communicate with the community at large.

Things we are Working On:

  • MYProfiles with all of your Content in One Place
  • Weekly Email Blast Service pulling content from your MYProfile
  • Digital Business Cards from your team that also share your current content
  • Community wide sharing of your chosen content for your local #TEAMGiving Channel

The Cost? We Turn No One Away!

As business owners and non-profits, now more than ever you need to be communicating. Keeping your brand awareness up at a time when everyone is stuck at home is a great thing. But this is a time of showing who you are as an organization. A time to create content that promotes your mission while giving the community hope that all is not lost. But how do you do that when your resources are now more limited than they have ever been before? Well JustMy is here to help with that. We are giving every business owner, school, non-profit, and hospital support now. We will continue providing services for 4 months after businesses and restaurants are allowed to re-open. The best part of this is we are turning no legitimate business or non-profit organization away. Even if you can't pay. Those that can pay, pay what you can and your support will be used to help your business as well as others in the community who have nothing to pay!