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Event Promotions

Getting more people involved with your school events just got much easier.  Add events to your profile and watch engagement soar!  JustMy is the Perfect Place to Share. From publishing your content to increasing likes, follows, and shares; JustMy has lots of ways to bring added community awareness of the #BeAmazing events in your school. One of the things we love most is helping with school contests and events. You are never alone now that the #FunCrew is on your side!

  • School Programs
  • Graduation Invites
  • After-school Programs
  • Parent Teacher Dates
  • Field Trip Announcements
  • & More . . . 

Content Sharing

Telling your stories is a great way to keep parents and the community engaged. JustMy allows you to either publish content on our platform in your school profile or use our shared links to post from your website. Parents can follow your content to get updates on what is going on. Schools are also encouraged to feature student generated content. This will help students have an active role in the community while giving them a chance to share their views, their skills, and their accomplishments. Great Content is the key to engagement, JustMy is your DOT on the internet!

Content Ideas:

  • School Events
  • School Study Programs
  • Field Trip Recaps
  • School Accomplishments
  • Welcome New Educators
  • Tips on Helping Students

Video Sharing & Support

If Content is King, Video is the Queen that everyone is talking about. JustMy wants to help your school build your video content. It starts with you having a YouTube or Vimeo Channel. We highly advise sharing videos to your school website. You will be able to share these videos on your School Profile on JustMy as well. JustMy will provide School Branding and a video editor so that educators can use their phones to create great branded video content and get it seen and shared beyond your social circles. Videos on your profile is also a great way of reminding parents and the community of the amazing work being done on your campus.

Video Ideas:

  • Prep Ideas for Student Tests
  • Tours of the School
  • A look at Recent School Projects
  • School Ceremonies
  • Kickoff the School Year
  • School Guidelines and Requirements
  • Event Recaps

Communication Tools

Communication is a key to success for helping parents and students benefit from the programs your school is using. Schools are using social media, videos, online content, email campaigns, text messaging, and more in an ever growing world of technology options. JustMy is working on ways to help schools communicate with parents and the community while not burdening educators with lots of tasks. So we are taking your online content and pulling it together to create a simple all-in-one TOOLBox to help your team better communicate with parents and the community.

Things we are Working On:

  • School Profiles with all of your Content in One Place
  • Weekly Email Blast Service pulling content from your Profile
  • Digital Business Cards from your staff that also share your current content
  • Community wide sharing of your chosen content for your local #JustMy Education 101 Channel

Your Dot on the Internet is Packed with helpful tools!

In the past the #TheSundayPaper was known for having something for everyone. At JustMy we decided to bring in back and make it better. MyProfiles for Educators is here Now there is a place to help bring awareness to all the amazing things going on in your school!

JustMy is here to help get Parents and the Community Involved!

Schools and Educators do so much for our communities, but it never seems easy to get the things schools need to bring in engagement from parents and the community. At JustMy we wanted to help and our MyProfile service is the perfect tool for helping school programs get and maintain the attention of local supporters. From publishing and promoting events, to sharing student generated content, sharing on JustMy is the perfect tool for improving community engagement. Because we know that schools and educators need help and support, besides hosting and sharing content, JustMy provides on-going help, support, and ideas. JustMy is your DOT on the Internet, use it to promote and celebrate the #BeAmazing success stories of your school!