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JustMy: Community Drives

Let's Do Something Amazing Together!

You are not Alone, the #FunCrew is here to help! At JustMy, we are a team of go-getters who believe anything is possible when great minds come together. So let's do Something Amazing Together! You are working on a community drive and you most likely will need sponsors, volunteers, local press for promotions, and some video features for social media. Well the #FunCrew is ready to help host a Successful Community Drive

JustMy has helped local non profit organizations organize walks, plays, food drives, clothing drives, concerts, auctions, and more.

We Help tell Your Story!

JustMy is the Place to Share and get support for your Community Drives. Now more than ever, communities need to come together and we want to help you do this.  Our goal is to share our experience and support with community causes all over the country!

How We Can Help!

In-Kind Event Media Sponsorship
Video Support and Distribution
Event Promotion
Volunteer Campaign
Sponsorship Campaign
Press Distribution

Tell us About Your Community Drive!