headlines : HongKong protests: Rule of law on 'brink of collapse', police say
by Duy Nguyen


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What is Positive Physics?
Multiple Industry Awards go to Chem-Dry

LoveBIG LiveBIG with Jennifer J. Hayes

Loving Big Means caring about it more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, wanting it more than others think is practical, and expecting it more than others think is possible . . .

How Long Would You Wait for Sex in a Relationship
My Mother is Straining My Relationship
Let Go and Let Love In
Eat Dine Chow

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Innovative Ground Beef Product out of Arkansas
by Zephyr Foods
James Beard Award-Winning Chef Jennifer Jasinski
by Denver Art Museum

The Video Reel

Video features from local videographers, kids with cameras, and maybe even from you!

#TeamGIVING | by: The #FunCrew
Stand for Children: Who We Are
#TeamGIVING | by: The #FunCrew
Stand for Children: Who We Are
#TeamGIVING | by: The #FunCrew
Stand for Children: Who We Are


You are invited to join our group of local non profit organizations, volunteers, and community supporters! As a #TeamGIVING member, JustMy becomes your partner in helping you to use digital media and our news stand to create #BeAmazing results for your organization! This is where we share the stories that change lives.

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Stigma, Stigma Go Away
by Karla Lewis
A Message to Memphis
by Jimmie Williams
200,000 Miles Later…
by Mikah Meyer