Strano by Chef Josh

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Want to know a little more about Strano by Chef Josh? Strano's Chef Josh Steiner grew up in a predominately Sicilian and Moroccan kitchen under the watchful eye of his two grandmothers. This upbringing has inspired him to create dishes that are based on very old and authentic family recipes with a modern Sicilian twist. Josh was raised in Memphis, TN. and he graduated from Lausanne Collegiate School. As a teen, he started as a bus boy and dishwasher in a neighborhood restaurant and worked his way up to one of the chefs of the restaurant. After getting a taste of the benefits of a chef's lifestyle, Josh decided to make it his life and enrolled in L'ecole Culinaire. During his studies he decided he wanted follow his passions to Italy to learn traditional cooking techniques from the kitchens of the Sicilian masters.