Nita Black - Business Strategist

Working With Underrepresented Founders To Experience Optimal Success

Hi, I’m Nita Black

I am a Business Strategist and enjoy working with entrepreneurs in all stages of business, including start-up, growth, and even operating a non-profit.

My services include 121 consulting and online courses that help Founders monetize their ideas. I provide tools and resources that help clients focus on their sweet spot…so that they experience optimal personal fulfillment while building wealth through their business.

Services I Provide

My services include consulting with Founders to understand their goals and help them develop strategies to meet their objectives. We provide tools, such as a one-page overview that we call a Cash Maker Brief. This tool helps the business Founder focus on the who, what, where, how, and why about the business.

What Clients Say

What Nita Black offers in her business budgeting and planning is razor sharp understanding of human behavior in business terms. Nita brings the human equation back into business.

She truly understands how emotions limit our beliefs, how emotions arise in the business world, and how they affect the choices we make. She will help you create a business plan that is attainable, help you define the steps to get you to each of your goals, develop the business budget, and mentor you along the way so you don’t lose focus on your dreams coming true.

Nita has truly been a blessing to our business.

Debbie Hylander
Hylander CPA Firm PLLC

Nita has been my business advisor for several years. Right from the start she helped me create a business plan that steered my business into an efficient and, ultimately, profitable direction.

Whenever challenges arise, even if they are minor, Nita is usually the first person I call to brainstorm through them. I’m so glad to have her as a resource and would happily recommend her.

Shannon Honadle

Nita removes the fear and confusion often associated with learning complex business concepts. Because she knows what bankers want and why, Nita’s “business plan in a day” seminar series is a must-do for anyone starting a business, planning to apply for a loan, or needing strategic business consulting.

Shelley Baur
One Source Associates

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Nita Black - Business Strategist