Making Search Engine Optimization Simple, Affordable & Efficient

Using myCARD

JustMy, your ultimate business partner, is proud to introduce mySEO, your complete solution for Search Engine Optimization. Get ready to level up your online presence with our cutting-edge, AI-enhanced SEO tools that will boost your visibility, engagement, and lead generation, all without breaking the bank!

Home Screen

Have your brand ready for any connection at the tap of a finger.

Text It

Someone asking for your services? Shoot them a text with a link to your SMART Digital Business Card

Email It

Put it in everyone's inbox so they can easily get to your contact info and content

Share with QR

Flash this and never be forgotten



If you are a LOCAL Creative, we want to Partner with you

We are looking for LOCAL Photographers, Videographers, Creative Writers, Podcasters, and Radio Shows. We simply want to share the great work you are already creating with new audiences. 


Use Your Work to Promote You & Your Community

JustMy creates a Listing for you on our LOCAL NewsSTAND, all content you share or publish to our platform includes links to your profile. Our goal is to showcase the #BeAmazing things that LOCALS are doing. Use your content to help share what is going on in your community while promoting your business!


See Samples and How it Works Below!



Create Content Once and Use it Everywhere

The Content Hub allows you to share links from anywhere and use them on applications like Digital Business Cards, Online Profiles, and the NewsSTAND on JustMy.


Share or Create Options

With the Content Hub you can save your content links and add them to Custom Tabs that can be displayed on other applications. You can also create content directly in the Content Hub. Publish articles, coupons, deals, events, job postings, and more. Then just add them to your other applications using your JustMy account!


Wishing Your YouTube Videos got more Views?

Stop wishing and make it happen by putting your content front and center on your Digital Tools from JustMy. Add your videos to your Digital Business Cards with just a link share and boom, instantly your video is in front of the audience that needs it the most.


How to Get the Content Hub?

We have a free version and a pro-version, this is an add-on tool for myCARD the Smart Digital Business Card from JustMy. Create your account with JustMy today and get a myCARD and then Content Hub is included!